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Power the Type 163 Laser Target Designator without even taking your Warrior Pak battery off the 117G radio.  

Simplify your TDY kit!

Power Station

Photo by Giancarlo Urzi | Emerald Warrior | 2/26/18


  • Warrior Pak Power Stations for the PRC-117G radio (and for the new PRC-160M Wideband HFNHF Manpack Radio) are reliable and have the industry's only 5-year Warranty on battery, cables and chargers.

  • Battery, cables, and chargers are all made  in our facility in Raleigh, NC, USA.

  • Round Trip Efficiency-Industry leading 97% round trip efficiency means 25% longer run times.

  • Warrior Pak Power Station for 117G can recharge the Freedom Pak using the Complete Charging System(CSS) , more than doubling Freedom Pak's runtime in austere conditions.

  • Special cable (sold separately, available by GPC, P/N WP 163-02 ) allows Warrior Pak Power Station to power the Type 163 Laser Target Designator and eliminate/reduce carrying spare batteries for qualification TDY's. 

  • You can run the radio and LTD at the same time, simplifying the whole process.

  • Use the Power Station as an energy bucket to store juice from Warrior Pak solar panel during the day, have clean portable power on the move all night.


Use the Dipstick to check your Warrior Pak, Power Station or Freedom Pak battery level before you leave the FOB / Team Room / House.

2 bars, time to charge.  5 bars, full.  1 bar you'd better get ready to lose power.

Disconnect Dipstick, then use the VIC kit for Streaming underway.

Does it get hot?

No!  Our proprietary technology means the battery doesn't get hot, even while Streaming.

In addition, our patent pending Heat Barrier Technology keeps hot radios and other external heat sources from transferring heat into batteries. 

Although this won't be noticed by the operator, it means even longer life and more reliable performance.