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Forget about the batteries -
Focus on the mission.



Charge your Warrior Pak wearable
power system while talking on the

Mounted-to-dismounted: effortlessly increase runtimes with the CCS kit while enjoying uninterrupted comms


Arrive with a topped-off battery


  • JTAC battery

  • Conformal Battery

  • Plate battery

  • 152 battery

  • 148 battery

  • Tactical radio battery

  • ATAK battery

  • 117G Battery

  • SOFLAM Battery

  • PRC-150 Battery

  • PSC-5 Battery

  • 117F Battery

  • Body armor battery

  • Military radio batteries

  • Field operational batteries

  • Warrior Battery

  • Freedom Battery

  • Power Station

  • Power Station Battery

  • Freedom Pak battery

  • Freestyle battery


** add the word “rechargeable” in front of all of these for a second list

***Add the phrase “battery eliminator” in front of all these for third list


  • Wearable Power

  • Wearable battery

  • Tactical Battery

  • Portable battery

  • Tactical Solar panel

  • Tactical solar power


Run Smartphone AND team radios
AND VDL all day long!


SlipAway connectors make for instant release from charging cable.



The New Warrior Pak Freedom Pak virtually disappears on your back.

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