Forget about the batteries -
Focus on the mission.



Charge your Warrior Pak wearable
power system while talking on the

Mounted-to-dismounted: effortlessly increase runtimes with the VIC kit while enjoying uninterrupted comms


Arrive with a topped-off battery


  • JTAC battery

  • Conformal Battery

  • Plate battery

  • 152 battery

  • 148 battery

  • Tactical radio battery

  • ATAK battery

  • 117G Battery

  • SOFLAM Battery

  • PRC-150 Battery

  • PSC-5 Battery

  • 117F Battery

  • Body armor battery

  • Military radio batteries

  • Field operational batteries

  • Warrior Battery

  • Freedom Battery

  • Power Station

  • Power Station Battery

  • Freedom Pak battery

  • Freestyle battery


** add the word “rechargeable” in front of all of these for a second list

***Add the phrase “battery eliminator” in front of all these for third list


  • Wearable Power

  • Wearable battery

  • Tactical Battery

  • Portable battery

  • Tactical Solar panel

  • Tactical solar power


All the outlets in use? Be Self-Sufficient! Use the larger Warrior Pak to charge the Freedom Pak.

Run Smartphone AND team radios
AND VDL all day long!




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